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SATURDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2016\nULUMBARRA THEATRE, BENDIGO\nARGONAUT ENSEMBLE\nJacob ABELA, Accordion \nJessica ASZODI, Soprano \nNancy BLACK, Director \nJessica BUZBEE, Trombone \nMarco CHER-GIBARD, Electronics \nVanessa ELLIS, Puppeteer \nCorey HAGUE, Video\nCharlotte JACKE, Cello \nAnn JONES, Video \nBeth McMAHON, Puppeteer\nMichiko OGAWA, Bass Clarinet \nJane SHELDON, Soprano\nAudio Captured, Mixed and Mastered by Jem SAVAGE and Myles MUMFORD\nLive Video Edited by Corey HAGUE","uploaded_on":"2019-02-18 02:02:41","uploaded_on_relative":"4 years ago","uploaded_on_full":"Monday, February 18, 2019 at 2:02 AM EST","is_spatial":false,"is_hdr":false,"is_dolby_vision":false,"privacy":"is_public":true,"type":"anybody","description":"Public","duration":"raw":2096,"formatted":"34:56","is_liked":false,"is_unavailable":false,"likes_url":"\/317920054\/likes","is_live":false,"unlisted_hash":null},"owner":"id":10364920,"display_name":"ARGONAUT","has_advanced_stats":true,"is_pro_lapsed":false,"is_paid":true,"badge":null,"portrait":"src":"https:\/\/\/portrait\/32860598_75x75","src_2x":"https:\/\/\/portrait\/32860598_150x150","is_mod":false,"url":"\/bifem","verified":true,"is_following":false,"is_available_for_hire":null,"ondemand":null,"brand_channel":null,"api_url":"","jwt":"eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2NzU5MjI4MjAsInVzZXJfaWQiOm51bGwsImFwcF9pZCI6NTg0NzksInNjb3BlcyI6InB1YmxpYyBzdGF0cyIsInRlYW1fdXNlcl9pZCI6bnVsbH0.UGjgjvMwJh_JxQLTEaUOWizI8qgzwNI1g7MHXIrHChE","chat":null,"cur_user":null,"status":"state":"ready","copyright_status":"is_blocked":false,"content_block_status":"is_blocked":false,"message":"This video contains mature content. Log in to watch.","continuous_play_enabled":false,"allowBypass":false,"requireLogin":true,"possibleOfcomBlock":true,"player":"config_url":"https:\/\/\/video\/317920054\/config?autopause=1&byline=0&collections=1&context=Vimeo%5CController%5CClipController.main&default_to_hd=1&h=0870863abf&outro=nothing&portrait=0&share=1&speed=1&title=0&watch_trailer=0&s=ead20f33b86706d42dc111e55ae7f6668c6cca85_1675937175","player_url":"","dimensions":"height":540,"width":960,"poster":"url":"https:\/\/\/video\/760223512-527c6f48080b89a4869d11d2ade4540a773ec0f811df7f3d8fb9893220de45d6-d?mw=2000&mh=1080&q=70","share_enabled":true,"send_to_wipster_enabled":false,"thumbnail":"src":"https:\/\/\/video\/760223512-527c6f48080b89a4869d11d2ade4540a773ec0f811df7f3d8fb9893220de45d6-d_190x107","src_2x":"https:\/\/\/video\/760223512-527c6f48080b89a4869d11d2ade4540a773ec0f811df7f3d8fb9893220de45d6-d_380x214","width":190,"height":107,"id":760223512,"ads":"house_ads_enabled":false,"third_party_ads_enabled":false,"content_rating":"type":"explicit","message":"Mature","description":"This video contains mature, or explicit, or sexually suggestive content. It may not be appropriate for all viewers.","content_advertisement_warning":null,"notifications":[],"categories_config":"categories":[],"total_categories":0,"music_track":null,"cc_license":null,"google_app_id":"","credits":"total_credits":"raw":0,"formatted":"0","displayed_credits":[],"stream":"id":null,"pos":0,"collection_adder":"enabled":true,"recaptcha_site_key":"6LeRCLwSAAAAAOJ1ba_xqd3NBOlV5P_XRWJVEPdw","clip_stats":"enabled":false,"download_config":null,"has_review_modes":false,"data_layer":"clip_id":317920054,"page_path":"\/317920054","creator_id":10364920,"creator_user_type":"pro","video_categories":"","privacy":"anybody","staff_pick":"no","user_id":null,"page_type":"Video","pref_tips":"file_transfer_tour_point":"key":"vstpft","value":false}; // Autoplay test for onsite referrals to clip page (function () $)/.test(window.location.href); var hasOnsiteReferrer = window.vimeo_esi.config.onsite_referrer; // We don't want to autoplay refreshes and history traversals var isNewPage = window.performance.navigation.type === 0; // If we pass all the conditions override player config with new one including autoplay param if (isNewPage && hasOnsiteReferrer && !hasAutoplayParam && !isOwner) window.vimeo.clip_page_config.player = "config_url":"https:\/\/\/video\/317920054\/config?autopause=1&autoplay=1&byline=0&collections=1&context=Vimeo%5CController%5CClipController.main&default_to_hd=1&h=0870863abf&outro=nothing&portrait=0&share=1&speed=1&title=0&watch_trailer=0&s=72f9239e0d1c6761d62819c12fb143e3baad6e7c_1675937175","player_url":"","dimensions":"height":540,"width":960,"poster":"url":"https:\/\/\/video\/760223512-527c6f48080b89a4869d11d2ade4540a773ec0f811df7f3d8fb9893220de45d6-d?mw=2000&mh=1080&q=70"; ()); if (typeof window.vimeo === 'undefined' typeof window.vimeo.clips === 'undefined') window.vimeo = window.vimeo Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory.

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