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Dashavtar Full Movie Hindi 720p Download: A Review of the Animated Film Based on the Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

If you are looking for a movie that combines mythology, history, science, and spirituality, you might want to check out Dashavtar, a 2008 animated film based on the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The film is produced by Vimal Shah under the banner of Phoebus Media and directed by Bhavik Thakore. It features voiceovers by talented actors like Vinay Apte, Kenneth Desai, Rupali Ganguly, Shreyas Talpade, Sachin Khedekar, Shatrughan Sinha, and others. The film was released in Hindi and English languages and has a runtime of 119 minutes.

Dashavtar Full Movie Hindi 720p Download

In this article, we will review Dashavtar and explore its plot, characters, themes, animation, music, reception, and impact. We will also tell you how to download Dashavtar full movie in Hindi 720p quality for free. So, let's get started!


Dashavtar is an animated film that narrates the story of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, one of the supreme deities in Hinduism. The film begins with a scientist named Govindarajan Ramaswamy speaking at a stadium about chaos theory and the butterfly effect. He then takes two children back in time to witness the stories of Vishnu's avatars from Narad Muni's point of view.

The film covers ten different episodes from different eras and locations, ranging from ancient India to medieval Japan to modern America. Each episode showcases a different aspect of Vishnu's personality and power as he intervenes in human affairs to restore balance and justice. The film also connects these episodes with a common thread of a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out humanity.

The main characters of Dashavtar are:

  • Lord Vishnu (voiced by Tarun Khanna/Sachin Khedekar): The preserver and protector of the universe who takes various forms to save his devotees.

  • Narad Muni (voiced by Shreyas Talpade): A celestial sage who acts as a narrator and guide for Govind and the children.



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