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Over the last month, Action Lab has been going to great lengths to make themselves as visible as possible. Between their appearance at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), the release of a pair of fan-favorite books for Free Comic Book Day, the launch of a mature readers line and the biggest and most impressive books and creators they've yet to launch, things have been huge this month.So, they're wrapping the month up by giving fans a chance to download those Free Comic Book Day titles in a DRM-free PDF that you can read on your computer or any tablet/e-reader of your choice. And you can get them right here.Download the NFL Rush Zone/Skyward FCBD IssueDownload the Princeless/Molly Danger FCBD Issue"It's been a joy and an honor to get to know Jamal and I really believe in his book," Princeless writer Jeremy Whitley recently told about the Free Comic Book Day issue. "He's said some really nice things to me about mine, too. Being at my store, Ultimate Comics, on Free Comic Book Day and actually seeing the stacks of my comic get picked up and carried away boy swarms of boys and girls was an amazing feeling! Thanks to the joys of social media, I've already had a few people tell me that as soon as they read it they headed out to the store of ComiXology to pick up the rest of the set! It's a fantastic feeling."

download NFL Rush Zone

Download Zip:

End zone: The two end zones, located on opposite sides of the field, are the scoring areas. The goal line, which a player must cross to score a touchdown, is the start of the end zone.

No run zone: The rules for flag football include no run zones that are located five yards before each goal line and the midfield. If the ball is spotted within a no run zone, the offensive team must use a pass play to earn a first down or touchdown. The objective is to prevent power football in tight spaces, limiting contact.

Rush line: An imaginary line running across the width of the field seven yards (into the defensive side) from the line of scrimmage. In other words, any defensive player who is positioned seven yards off the line of scrimmage is eligible to rush.

Rusher: The defensive player assigned to rush the quarterback to prevent him/her from passing the ball by pulling his/her flags or blocking the pass. Offensive players must steer clear of the rusher. When the ball is handed off, any defender may rush.

Without linemen in the mix, there are really two kinds of flag football defensive positions: rushers and defensive backs. Rushers try to get to the quarterback as quickly as possible, while defensive backs line up to face wide receivers, or even farther back as safeties.

This Free Comic Book Day sees the release of Action Lab Confidential; a 200 page Free Comic Book Day digital download on sites such as Graphicly, Comics+, Drive Thru Comics and additional digital outlets.Action Lab Entertainment, best known for the indie smash-hit comic book Princeless and the soon to be released Double Jumpers wants to give readers the opportunity to read extended previews of their entire catalog of comics and original graphic novels, including some titles that have yet to hit the shelves.

So this Free Comic Book Day, after you finish your journey to your comic book store, stop by Graphicly, Comics+, or the additional Action Lab Entertainment digital outlets and download your copy of Action Lab Confidential!

Care must be exercised in any end-zone marking or decoration or club identification at the 50-yard line that said marking or decorations do not in any way cause confusion as to delineation of goal lines, sidelines, and end lines. Such markings or decorations must be approved by the Commissioner.

All measurements are to be made from the inside edges of the line marking the boundary lines. Each goal line marking is to be in its end zone so that the edge of the line toward the field of play (actual goal line) is 30 feet from the inside edge of the end line. Each goal line is to be eight inches wide.

To gain possession of a loose ball that has been caught, intercepted, or recovered, a player (a) must have complete control of the ball with his hands or arms and (b) have both feet or any other part of his body, other than his hands, completely on the ground inbounds, and, after (a) and (b) have been fulfilled, perform any act common to the game (e.g., tuck the ball away, extend it forward, take an additional step, turn upfield, or avoid or ward off an opponent). It is not necessary that he commit such an act, provided that he maintains control of the ball long enough to do so. This rule applies in the field of play, at the sideline, and in the end zone.

A Huddle is the action of two or more players in the field of play or in the end zone who, instead of assuming their normal position for the snap, free kick, or Fair Catch kick form a group for receiving instructions for the next play or for any other reason.

A player is Offside when any part of his body or his person is in the Neutral Zone, or is beyond his free kick line, or fair catch kick line when the ball is put in play, unless he is a holder of a placekick for a free kick (6-1-3-b-1) or fair catch kick (11-4-3), or a kicker (6-1-3-b-2). The snapper is offside if any part of his body is beyond the neutral zone. The kicker is not offside unless his kicking foot is beyond his Restraining Line when the ball is kicked.

If a substitute enters the field of play or the end zone while the ball is in play, it is an illegal substitution. If an illegal substitute interferes with the play, it may be a palpably unfair act (see 12-3-4).

If a substitution is made by the offense, the offense shall not be permitted to snap the ball until the defense has been permitted to respond with its substitutions. While in the process of a substitution (or simulated substitution), the offense is prohibited from rushing quickly to the line of scrimmage and snapping the ball in an obvious attempt to cause a defensive foul (i.e., too many men on the field). If the offense substitutes, the following procedure will apply:

After the neutral zone has been established (ball is made or declared ready for play), an offensive player may not make a false start, a defensive player may not encroach (initiate contact with a member of the offensive team) or commit a neutral zone infraction, and no player of either team may be offside when the ball is put in play.

It is Encroachment if a defensive player enters the neutral zone and contacts an offensive player or the ball prior to the snap, or if he interferes with the ball during the snap. The play is dead immediately.

A player who makes a catch may advance the ball. A forward pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) in the field of play, at the sideline, or in the end zone if a player, who is inbounds:

A forward pass (legal or illegal) thrown from behind the line may be touched by any eligible player. A pass in flight may be tipped, batted, or deflected in any direction by any eligible player at any time, including such a pass in the end zone.

Within the area five yards beyond the line of scrimmage, a defensive player may chuck an eligible receiver in front of him. The defender is allowed to maintain continuous and unbroken contact within the five-yard zone, so long as the receiver has not moved beyond a point that is even with the defender.

Within the five-yard zone, if the player who receives the snap remains in the pocket with the ball, a defender may not make original contact in the back of a receiver, nor may he maintain contact after the receiver has moved beyond a point that is even with the defender.

Beyond the five-yard zone, if the player who receives the snap remains in the pocket with the ball, a defender cannot initiate contact with a receiver who is attempting to evade him. A defender may use his hands or arms only to defend or protect himself against impending contact caused by a receiver.

If there is a missed field-goal attempt, and the ball has not been touched by the receivers beyond the line of scrimmage in the field of play, or in the end zone before the ball has touched the ground in the end zone, the following shall apply:

If any non-player, including photographers, reporters, employees, police or spectators, enters the field of play or end zones, and in the judgment of an official said party or parties interfere with the play, the Referee, after consulting the crew (13-1-7 and 19-1-3), shall enforce any such penalty or score as the interference warrants.

That group, however, opened the game by using a no-huddle, hurry-up attack to quickly march 95 yards to the end zone in just seven plays. Prescott was 4-for-4 on his pass attempts, tossing two each to Bryant and Witten, while McFadden averaged 5.3 rushing yards on his three carries during the series.

The drive was capped when Prescott connected with Bryant, who did a nifty move to shake Colt's cornerback Vontae Davis and get into the end zone, the Cowboys enjoying a 7-0 lead less than four minutes into the game.

And with that, on came Moore, who was trying to bounce back from a subpar effort in the team's second preseason outing. But on just his second snap of the game, he had the ball stripped away by rusher Barkevious Mingo with linebacker Lavar Edwards then scooping up a perfect bounce and darting 15 yards untouched into the end zone, tying the score at 7-7.

The rookie Rush then entered the game on the Cowboys' next possession, which came after the Colts had tacked on three more points. He promptly drove the team 76 yards in six plays while completing all four of his pass attempts. The last of those was a perfectly placed 19-yard throw to wideout Noah Brown on the right side of the end zone to give Dallas the lead, 17-13, heading into the fourth quarter.

Another guy that had a strong week in large part because he did so well with so much - Notre Dame defensive end/outside linebacker Daelin Hayes. After winning a few pass rush one-on-one reps, he came down to cover tight ends on the goal line. On the two reps I saw, he stayed in phase twice on two different tight ends. I was impressed to say the least, considering there were some safeties that couldn't stick with the same tight ends on the same routes.


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