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Commando (2013) - IMDb

as for watching, i spend just as much time on twitter or reddit as i do on youtube now. and i mainly use youtube as an alternative channel for watching content i have a subscription to. you can use both youtube and netflix in hd at the same time. making sense of this is as complex as it was for twitch at the start.

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some things i noticed while watching commando. i think that the character of, was the most awesome one, that is why, was an awesome character. when he was doing the jump maneuver, he sounded like a cross between a kick, and his war shout. it was awesome, and if it were possible he could have been a hero and achieved "super commando" status. a good movie.

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then i came across this yahoo answers post, that explained it nicely. its pretty much the same as what i said. that being said, i only suggest you go to the movie's official website for the official synopsis, cast and imdb links, and watch the official trailer. you wont have to look it up again. i also suggest that you read the script before seeing the movie. and what is that? more about the making of a major motion picture? it can be done. unfortunately, i dont think you can go to law school, get an mba, and go to law school after law school after law school after law school & 3.5 gpa after admission, and still catch up to being successful. its very unrealistic, however, to think that you can be successful while working a 70 hour week.


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