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Bloody Mary Lady Gaga Lyrics

In my opinion it is about what Lady Gaga stated it was about,what Mary had to deal with.She was in love with Him as one of His most devoted followers. Even after He dies, she will still follow Him and practice the religion. She will not mind if she is stoned for loving Jesus. She is known as bloody mary from a person's point of view that did not follow Jesus because she followed him. Many of His followers were despised, like Mary, for the fact that they were following Him. She will ":still be Bloody Mary because even though Jesus washed away her sins, she will still be known as bloody mary to every one else for what she believes in. She will not cry because she has to stay strong.Every one is overthiking this. In NO way was Lady Gaga trying to offend any one or anything in anyway.This is entirely my opinion.

Bloody Mary Lady Gaga Lyrics


when i first listened to this song and read its lyrics i don't know what to say. another song from lady gaga which mocks Jesus. and the video is full of representations.this website is to write your own interpretations. not to criticize what others are doing. so for those people who do, you shouldn't read here.the song is about mary magdalene, i was not born at the time that's why i really can't say if she is at the bad side. or at the good side but is being utilized to promote alliance against the ever famous Jesus Christ. 041b061a72


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