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Refill Megapack Torrent ((BETTER))

Here it is. The moment you all been waiting for. The Reason Refill 2016 (released in 2017). At this stage I will release it as it is right now. Maybe I will update this package later. The complete package comes with 3 different files. And you will need all three of them to work proper. Due to limitations of the Reason Refill packer I had to re-arrange like this (file size limit). The complete refill is in total about 6 GB. Uncompressed the complete size would have been 10 GB.

Refill Megapack Torrent


No Rack Extensions have been used. Most of the patches are Reason 5 compatible still.This package also includes the following old refills:- Hydlide refill (2013)- Thors Hammer (2014)- Reactor (2015)- Space Ambient (2015). Note this is the only folder that requires Reason 6.5 as a minimum- Total Destruction (2015)Total Patch count: 10691Total Sample count: 23004You may use the sounds from this package in any track. You may NOT redistribute this package through other internet sites or services. This is a ReasonExperts Exclusive.


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