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Where Can I Buy Adidas Lace Pumps

"This is a tough category for me to score because the stability was so much better than the support," Jason said. "I'll start with the good: the stability. These shoes are very stable, like Barricades are known to be. The torsion system in the shank kept the shoes from twisting when I planted and changed directions. I always felt confident in my side-to-side movements, but moving forward and stopping was where I ran into issues. I had a few occasions when I moved forward, tried to stop, and my foot slid within the shoe and jammed my toes. That happened less and less as the playtest wore on and the shoes broke in, but overall it was tough to lock my feet into place. I think having just one more set of eyelets would really help alleviate the support issues."

where can i buy adidas lace pumps



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