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Top Online Car Buying Sites \/\/TOP\\\\

Elizabeth Rivelli is a freelance writer with more than three years of experience covering personal finance and insurance. She has extensive knowledge of various insurance lines, including car insurance and property insurance. Her byline has appeared in dozens of online finance publications, like The Balance, Investopedia,, Forbes, and Bankrate.

top online car buying sites

Many financial experts will tell you that buying an inexpensive used car and keeping it for years is one of the savviest things you can do to minimize the cost of car ownership. But if you pick the wrong vehicle or place to buy, that "cheap" car could cost you thousands in repairs or finance costs.

In 2022, however, there may not be many "cheap" cars to speak of. As of this writing, we're facing a shortage of used cars, which has caused their market value to spike to record highs. This makes choosing the right used-car retailer even more critical, as a mistake has never been costlier. You may also need to expand your search further to find a car online or at a brick-and-mortar car dealer.

The remaining used-car inventory falls under this category. These cars don't typically get the same attention that a CPO car would receive but are still given a reasonable inspection. Any major issues are usually fixed before the car is put up for sale. Since dealerships accept trade-ins on a daily basis, you'll have an easy time finding these used cars at a dealer. Most dealership websites should include a link to a free Carfax or AutoCheck report, so make sure to take advantage of that and learn about the vehicle's history.

If you have a trade-in, CarMax will make you a fixed offer on that, too. All CarMax vehicles come with a 90-day, 4,000-mile limited warranty (whichever comes first). The company also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee just in case you change your mind about the vehicle you choose. There are many cars to choose from, and they can be researched online. While there are a few exceptions, generally speaking, if you find a car you like at another branch, you can arrange to have it shipped to a location near you (sometimes for an additional fee).

Keep in mind that you'll be buying the car "as-is" unless it is still under warranty. Doing so is a riskier move for you as a buyer, but if you bring a mechanic with you or get the car inspected before you buy it, you can offset this risk. With private-party sales, you'll find that the prices are lower across the board. Our pricing analysts calculate that a used vehicle will typically cost about 12% more at a dealership than if it were sold by a private party. You'll need to pay cash or have a car loan already secured in order to close the deal, so make those arrangements beforehand.

Craigslist classified listings cost $5 and Facebook Marketplace ads are free, so the barrier is much lower on these sites for anyone to post a vehicle for sale. You'll find a mix of auto dealerships and private sellers peddling their wares.

There may be good used-car candidates on these sites, but you'll have to sift through a number of listings to find one. This is where you'll likely find the lowest prices, but the condition levels of the cars can vary wildly. Many of the car photos you'll see are just plain bad. Some listings have no photos at all. Information on the cars tends to be limited, and you may have to contact the seller to get a VIN, which is what you need to run a vehicle history report. It's not uncommon to encounter cars that have salvage titles, meaning they've likely been in a serious accident. You'll sometimes run across unlicensed car salespeople pretending to be everyday owners. And then there are ads placed by scammers for cars that don't actually exist.

The trick to finding a legitimately good car on these sites is to focus on listings with many photos and detailed information. Ask owners to tell you more about the car and explore why they're selling. And as Craigslist suggests, you'll reduce your chances of being scammed if you shop locally and meet the owner in person.

In the last case, remember that cars damaged by weather and accidents can only get sold at specialized auctions. Some of these auctions facilitate online car bidding, while others are in-person affairs. Bookmark our complete guide to buying cars at online auctions for more information about cheap car auctions that sell these types of vehicles.

Either way, you should only concern yourself with the best online auction sites to ensure the best auction prices and the highest quality services. The following five websites are the best of the best car auction sites in the world right now.

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There are a number of common scams to watch out for when buying a used car. With the right research and a decent vehicle history check you will save yourself a headache. Find out more about buying a car here.

The global online car buying market is highly competitive. Key companies profiled in the report include Asbury Automotive Group Inc., AutoNation Inc., CarGurus Inc., Inc, Cox Enterprises Inc., Group 1 Automotive Inc., Internet Brands Inc., Lithia Motors Inc., TrueCar Inc., Uxin Limited.

This industry report offers market estimates of the global market, followed by a detailed analysis of the vehicle type, propulsion type, category, and region. The global market data on online car buying can be segmented by vehicle type: hatchback, sedan, SUV, others. Online car buying market is further segmented by propulsion type: petrol, diesel, others. Based on category, the online car buying market is segmented into: pre-owned vehicle, new vehicle. On the basis of region, the online car buying market also can be divided into: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Rest of the World (RoW).

Part of the appeal of buying cars online is not having to deal with dreaded used car dealers, but it also means no one is on the journey with you to answer questions about available vehicles. Carvana understands consumer concerns and per their website, to help you feel confident in your purchase, they certify the following:

Based on over 800 Consumer Affairs reviews, it seems that customers who have used car buying sites are split as to their satisfaction with Carvana; a majority of their polarized reviews come with 5-stars or 1-star, with only a few customers giving them a middle-of-the-road ranking.

Ultimately, when looking for the best used car websites, finding a site that pleases everyone will present a challenge. Vroom offers used vehicles of all makes and models, and as with any used car purchase, consumers have to do a bit of research on to find the Kelly Blue Book values and assess for themselves if buying cars online is the right move for them.

The CarMax vetting process includes a 125+ point inspection on every used vehicle they list, making them one of the best used car websites for reliable vehicles. They even say on their website that nearly 15 hours is spent replacing, fixing, and detailing cars they list so each car feels like new. If you purchase your new set of wheels from this car buying site, note the following:

Reviews of do point to it being one of the best used car websites, however, with many satisfied customers who shared their positive experiences purchasing cars via the site. There are some negative reviews as well, but most of these are from people attempting to sell their car and getting bombarded with scammy messages from people pretending to be interested in a car purchase.

Launched in October 1995, Carpoint ( ) is the leading online automotive marketplace, visited by more than 7 million consumers each month. From product reviews and surround video features to new- and used-car pricing, Carpoint helps consumers find the car they love, at a price they can afford. With details on more than 10,000 car models and 100,000 used vehicles, visitors can research and compare cars of virtually every make and model, identify local dealers, and receive instructions for post-purchase service and maintenance. Carpoint has a network of more than 5,000 affiliated dealers nationwide. 041b061a72


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