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Kipchoge: The Last Milestone(2021) PATCHED

Rarely i have seen such amateurish montages like where a sea o Africans on the street are supposed to be reacting all impressed to fake reporter voice overs, and the scifi sport effort is again pathetically underlined by a lady using a computer mouse, yes a computer mouse, and yes she clicks on it, with again more montages and hyping music like in a 2nd class razor blades advertisement. That alone was simply pathetic in one word.Somehow the audience is to be interested in a marathon that is no marathon recognized by any organization with more than good reason, and which is technically so enhanced that the very thing it tries to achieve is disproven by all the effort undertaken to achieve the record. If runners taking wind resistance ahead and lasers improving the trajectory are needed to run in under a time that has not been achieved by runners without all this ridiculous help, then obviously nothing has been achieved or proven. Its as interesting as showing someone beating the sleeping record after being taken into an artificial coma by an Anesthesiologist.Seeing the universal logo on the beginning of such an untalented effort can only be explained by the last name of the director and all the nepotism that must have been applied to this bad excuse of a documentary.Also and not at least the documentary has no charm soul and can, if even, only be liked by marathon runners which i highly doubt. I also would have maybe , only maybe , have included in a documentary how fricking long a Marathon is!!! God beware us from more work from whoever scott junior.How many talented scripts producers and directors has Universal waved off to give priority to this annoying piece of nothingness or kind of pay back-a favour-event to ridley scott?

Kipchoge: The Last Milestone(2021)


"There is pain in training. Pain in running. And joy at the end of the marathon." Universal has released an official trailer for an inspirational sports biopic documentary titled Kipchoge: The Last Milestone, about the award-winning Kenyan marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge. This arrives on VOD in August, right after the Olympics (which wrap up on August 8th), in which he will be competing once again. From director Jake Scott and executive producer Ridley Scott. Kipchoge: The Last Milestone is a cinematic portrait of world record marathon holder Eliud Kipchoge as he prepares to break one of the last milestones in sporting history: the sub-two hour marathon. It follows his journey from his training grounds in Kenya, to the high-tech facilities in Europe, to his record attempt in Vienna. His motto: no human is limited. He is the world record holder in the marathon with 2:01:39, set at the 2018 Berlin Marathon; and has been described as "the greatest marathoner of the modern era". Watch to learn more about Kipchoge and his remarkable life.

The movie follows Kipchoge as he trains to break two hours, from his training grounds in Kenya to the high-tech facilities in Europe, and finally to Vienna, where he attempts to break one of the last true milestones in sport. Of course, while the sub-2 marathon has been one of his greatest accomplishments, his career is far from over. Most recently, he won the NN Mission Marathon in the Netherland in 2:04:30, and he will still be the man to beat at the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

Kipchoge: The Last Milestone is a cinematic portrait of marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge as he prepares to break one of the last milestones in sporting history: the sub-two-hour marathon. It follows his journey from his training ground in Kenya to the high-tech facilities in Europe, to his record attempt in Vienna. His motto: NO HUMAN IS LIMITED.

KIPCHOGE: the last milestone. Today our MARATHON SECTION bring us the exciting news of the INEOS 1.59 movie. As you might remenber, Eliud Kipchoge was able to run the first marathon in human history below 2 hours, on 12th October 2019 in Vienna.

Running a sub-two-hour marathon was one of the last great human milestones - comparable to running a sub-four-minute mile, climbing Mt Everest or walking on the moon and Eliud was the first man to prove it was possible.

This is tie between the Jackson Hole Marathon in 2016 (at over 6,000 feet elevation) and the London Marathon in 2021 (where I suffered leg cramps for the last 10K, but mentally overcame it). If you're doing it right, each race should be tough in some way.

09:45 - 12 AprilAt 37, Wesley Korir is hoping to reprise his 2012 victory at the Boston Marathon. It's move this year from April to September due to the coronavirus is giving him five extra months to completely mend from an injury he sustained at the race last year.

17:05 - 9 AprilWhen California's shelter-at-home social distancing ordinances went into effect late last month, where do you suppose Allyson Felix, the most decorated athlete in World Championships and Olympic athletics history, was?

15:40 - 9 AprilAt 19, Leonard Kipkemoi Bett has already accomplished quite a bit. He won the world U18 steeplechase title, took silver in the event at the World U20 Championships in 2018 and reached the final at the World Athletics Championships last year. 041b061a72


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