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Most often, as suggested by the trope name, the character sports enlarged canine teeth. For maximum cuteness, at least one fang will be visible at all times, even when the character's mouth is closed, and especially if they have a Cat Smile. These indicate, generally, that the character is mischievous, slightly hostile, or a trickster, but not actually "bad."

cute tiny teen

Cute Little Fangs are pretty much a standard feature of Cat Girls, Cute Monster Girls, and other character types who fall under Little Bit Beastly. Ugly Cute critters tend to have these as part of their unconventional brand of cuteness.

This trope is also Truth in Television. Many baby animals, whether of the carnivorous persuasion or the simian persuasion, sport them. In some cases, the eye teeth can be naturally pushed forward, hence giving one a semi-fanged appearance. Some domestic cats in particular, even as adults, have a tendency to have longer than normal fangs that gives them this look. In Japan, this is called "yaeba" (literally, "double teeth") and is regarded as cute. Many girls actually undergo a surgical procedure to achieve this effect.

  • Comic Books The Snow Cat Prince: Syv has them, being a cat and all, but so does Kit.

  • As mentioned below, Beast Boy from Teen Titans was redesigned this way in the early 2000s after the success of the cartoon adaptation. The pointy teeth and Pointy Ears helps accentuate his animalistic theme.

  • X-Men: Wolverine and Sabretooth have them in some adaptations and when drawn by some artists, though describing any aspect of those two characters as "cute" is a real good way to have one's lifespan drastically shortened.

  • Nightcrawler has these, Depending on the Artist.

  • Jubilee gets them after being turned into a vampire. This turns her into a Cute Monster Girl, especialy when Sana Takeda draws her.

  • The (quite attractive) troll-girls in the XXXenophile story "A Beautiful Tale". Actually, in some panels, they appear to have full-on shark teeth... but the artist somehow makes it work.

  • Fan Fiction Fate of the Clans: Cú Chulainn sports two fang-like canines, seen when he grins or opens his mouth. These help in him looking like a wild animal/wolf. They're slightly longer in his Alter form.

  • Tamamo also has a pair of fangs, helping with her fox motif.

  • Mordred has a pair of fangs.

  • Us and Them: After Aeris and Sephiroth find out their children are likely to be born with extra features, she opines that a child with fangs would be cute. Sure enough, their fourth son is born with fangs. And then she has to breastfeed him...

  • Gray Ghost in Manehattan's Lone Guardian possesses sharpened canines, which become visible to others if her smiles show enough teeth. This is part and parcel of her entire 'cat' motif.

  • Live-Action TV This is a fleeting example, but in the Angel episode "Smile Time", when puppet-Angel switches to puppet-Vampire-Angel to deliver the battle-ending set of attacks, the puppet naturally has fangs. And the fangs are definitely cute and little, but not actually little relative to the cute little mouth.

  • Some of the Centauri have these in Babylon 5. All of them, or at least all the males are supposed to have these, but due to budgetary and time constraints, as well as some actors with aversion towards them, they are only present some of the time.

  • Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods has odd front teeth that give him this appearance when he smiles.

  • Doctor Who: The Adipose creatures in "Partners in Crime" have one of these. They're supposed to look like the lone milk tooth of an infant.

  • Erica from My Babysitter's a Vampire and she uses them to her full advantage.

  • The Cat from Red Dwarf has large, somewhat comical-looking fangs. They're the only visible sign that he's not really human. Considering the fact he's a flighty, ridiculous cat-man, they probably qualify as cute.

  • Wimzie's little brother Bo on Wimzie's House.

  • Tabletop Games Exalted: Fangs are one of the available Lunar Exalt "Tells", as demonstrated in this picture.

  • The Unofficial Hollow Knight RPG: Players can choose for the Venomous Bite trait to also give their bug a small bonus to their Cute score, granting them a bonus in situations where they need to appear friendly, cute, and endearing. Word of God says that this is supposed to be because of this trope.

  • Webcomics Fox Maharassa, playful rake from Boy Meets Boy, Friendly Hostility, and Other People's Business. They only appear when he grins, but they're infinitely charming to say the least. As a pastry chef in the latter comic exclaims with a dreamy sigh, "It's like he hugs you with his smile"

  • Vector, the Cute Monster Boy from Castoff has these as well.

  • With everyone in Commander Kitty being a Funny Animal, these are pretty common. Even Big Bad Zenith has them.

  • Cursed Princess Club: Princess Gwendolyn of the Pastel Kingdom has very sharp teeth, unlike the rest of her siblings. Most of the time, we can see one little canine tooth poking out cutely, but even the times when she shows off all her carnivorous chompers tend to make her look endearing. With that said, her teeth are often depicted as sharper and more intimidating when she's viewed from the perspective of someone who doesn't know her well. This is especially true when she's seen by her reluctant fiancé Frederick, at least until he comes to know her better.

  • Some of the characters in The Cyantian Chronicles, particularly Quinn, Sheana, and the fox princesses.

  • Species X, a race of genetically engineered furry children from DNA has these. Orion has fangs that protrude more than the others, which causes him to have a lisp.

  • Luna from Dominic Deegan, despite being human, has fangs similar to an Orc's. They are quite adorable. And important later.

  • Eerie Cuties: Nina and her big sister, Layla, are vampires, so it naturally comes with the territory. Nina's are almost always visible and accentuate her childlike appearance, especially when she's smiling. But the only time you'll see Layla's are either when she's angry, or nervous.

  • The Waverlys in Eight Cicadas all have fangs as a marker of their vague non-human heritage.

  • Elf Blood's spirit incarna tend to have these if their spirits correspond to some sort of predatory animal. Notable examples include Carlita Delacroix (Cat) and Fliss and Shanna Whittle (Foxes).

  • El Goonish Shive: Grace, when in her half-squirrel form.

  • Catalina Bobcat. Along with her name and first name, it makes her a quasi Cat Girl. Revealed to be the result of a magic mark given her by Pandora Chaos Raven without her knowledge.

  • Male example: Doug from Fletcher Apts who also has Puppy-Dog Eyes at times.

  • Florence from Freefall, a genetically engineered Bowman's Wolf, has fangs, but they only show up when she smiles. The effect is usually unfortunate.

  • The Jagers of Girl Genius appear to have these... until they open their mouths.

  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name: Conrad, while not meant to be overwhelmingly "cute", sports a single tiny fang that's far from intimidating.

  • Gunnerkrigg Court's Reynardine has these in plushie form. In wolf form, he just has too many.

  • Homestuck: Most trolls have pointy teeth, but Nepeta is really the only one who manages to make them look utterly adorable.

  • Tavros, at one point, is shown curled up against the wall, sleeping, with his fangs protruding from his smile. Since Tavros is incredibly timid and the teeth of trolls in his social caste are supposed to be blunt (after this is established, the other lowbloods are drawn with rounded teeth), the only explanation is that it was to make him cuter.

  • In How to be a Werewolf, no matter how human their current form is all werewolves have noticeably pronounced canine teeth. For all but the most menacing, the general effect is this.

  • Molly in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! manages to be very cute even with fangs on the end of her snout.

  • In Just a Goblin, goblins have pronounced canines on the bottom of their mouths. They're especially prominent when younger goblins like Nog smile, adding to his cuteness factor. These same teeth are useful crafting ingredients, hence why adventurers pluck the teeth out of the goblins they kill.

  • Secret from Keychain of Creation has a pair - they're normally hidden, but when she's stressed or using her Abyssal powers, they emerge.

  • The Little Trashmaid: Tidy has prominent canine teeth compared to the rest of the cast.

  • The green-skinned cleric Benn'Joon aka "Benny" in the webcomic Looking for Group. She often has one tusk-like Cute Little Fang peeking out from her lower jaw over her upper lip, especially when she's pouting.

  • In Moon Crest 24 they look cool on Drake, but they're more adorable than menacing on Derek.

  • The Order of the Stick: Therkla, the half-orc ninja, has cute little tusks.

  • As does, in one flashback panel, Therkla's orc mother, in a subversion of the stereotypical half-orc origin story.

  • Evil Vaarsuvius also has Cute Little Fangs, though because of the circumstances surrounding their appearance, they're actually quite creepy.

  • The title characters in Ozy and Millie, though only Ozy's are only obvious when he's talking) as well as several others. Somewhat lampshaded here.

  • In Pandect, Ice, a Dog Ace (a dog who has a soul and can also appear in human form), has slightly longer canine teeth than most humans. Of course.

  • The art style of Queen of Wands has fangs as standard. On Angela they are pretty cute, though.

  • Loki and Trollabundine have these in Realmwalker.

  • Mihui Yang from Surviving Romance is often drawn with one, particularly when she's depicted in a Super-Deformed artstyle.

  • Rufus and Melika in Terinu have fangs as well, being anthropomorphic fox aliens. Said fangs are usually just cute, at least until they get pissed off.

  • Happens occasionally in VG Cats, being as the main characters are, obviously, cats.

  • Wapsi Square: Tina, who claims her fangs are the result of botched dental surgery. This may or may not be true; Tina has an... unusual history.

  • The Drunken College Golems have them too.

  • Not to mention the rather unconventional Vampire Gals. (Note that this image, which shows the fangs to good advantage, is borderline NSFW, although their other appearances are less so.)

  • Actually, most of the paranormal characters in Wapsi Square which is most of the cast by now have fangs; even characters who began as human, like Monica.

  • The mischievous Rowan from Weak Hero has a pair of particularly sharp canines that can often be seen even when his mouth is closed.

  • In Yokoka's Quest, they are practically the default for demons, beasts, and spirits. Notably, the human Grace and Half-Human Hybrid Yokoka and Mao lack fangs, though Yokoka's reference sheets do say "cute little fangs in Fan Art is great!".



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