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the principle of megabase is to assemble large databases, each one dedicated to one particular topic or one particular series of games. megabase consists of three databases: the mega-database, which contains the top 100 games of the year. this is what you will read about on this site. players from the last 25 years can be represented in this database. one of the biggest weaknesses of this database is the lack of notations. if you want the game in a readable form, you will have to obtain the moves from the game text. there is no way to do this within megabase. there are other databases with more notations, but for the purpose of the top 100, megabase does not do as well as it could.


another database that is interesting is the database of the top 100 games of the year. i have no problems with it, especially since i am always searching for games in playchess that i would like to learn. the problem is that, in the case of megabase, it has a gigantic number of games that is absolutely not useful. a huge number of games are annotated, which may provide some explanation and give a hint as to how the game should be analyzed.

here we have the database of the best games of the year. megabase has already published many databases in the past, so it is not surprising that we can also find many game from the past. we have the entire database in.pgn format, which you can download in a zip file and use in your chess engine. i have only scanned the first 10 pages, but it appears that this database is largely composed of two groups: the top games from the past ten years and the ones from the top games of the past decade. the database from the past decade is quite interesting, as it contains the endgames of the games. the basic premise for the database is that we have analyzed the games in the past, and we can do this again. to date, i have not seen another database that has at the same time a database of the best games of the past decade and the best games of the past ten years.


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