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Where To Buy California Wine Coolers

Soon after, competition began from wine maker giants E&J Gallo Winery who started strong marketing of its Bartles & Jaymes coolers and Seagram's own brand of wine coolers, California Cooler's market share began to slide. The cooler craze of the mid-eighties was celebrated with an Ad campaign by Chiat Day "The Chairman" (Kailo Messier) featuring beach life scenes. Bartles & Jaymes, the second entrant into the wine cooler marketplace quickly came and took market share. Their ad campaign featured two actors playing the fictitious Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes "Bartles and Jaymes" saying "Thank you for your support".

where to buy california wine coolers

Vinotemp offers a range of stylish, economical, space-saving wine storage solutions for residential or commercial use. Every unit is designed by Vinotemp, a family-owned company. Whether searching for compact wine coolers or eye-catching furniture-style wine credenzas, Vinotemp has a storage option to meet your needs. Shop our catalog 24/7 on

Vinotemp is proud to offer wine coolers, wine refrigerators, wine cabinets, walk-in wine cabinets, wine lockers, wine rooms, wood wine racks, metal wine racks, and custom designs. Need to store more than just wine? Vinotemp also offers beverage coolers, dispensers, outdoor refrigerators, and ice makers. Our self-contained, split, and ducted Wine-Mate cellar cooling systems are designed and assembled in our Henderson, NV, facility. In addition to storage solutions, Vinotemp has everything you need for entertaining, serving, and gifting, including wine glasses and tumblers, cleaning accessories, cheese serving trays, wine corkscrews, wine preservers and stoppers, cigar humidors, candles, and more. is also proud to offer Apex steam and saunas, including infrared.

Before investing in wine storage, it is important to consider several important factors. First, take note of the size of your wine collection and select storage that has ample room for future purchases. Next, decide how much you would like to spend on your wine cooler. Does your wine cooler need to match a certain color or style? Lastly, determine where you will install your wine cooler. Select a level location that can withstand the weight of your wine cooler when fully loaded with wine, inside an insulated room, and away from direct sunlight.

A smaller-capacity wine refrigerator will hold 25 bottles or less. Vinotemp offers different styles and shapes of wine coolers powered by thermoelectric or compressor technology. Some are even as tiny as 6 inches in width! Add a compact wine cooler to your kitchen countertop, mini-bar, entertainment room, or man cave.

A medium-capacity wine refrigerator is a great storage solution if your collection is between 38 to 66 bottles. Many of our wine coolers are designed with adjustable shelving, allowing you to store different bottle sizes and shapes. Choose from various installations, such as under-counter, built-in, freestanding, or recessed. Wine refrigerators with a front vent design can be built-in or installed undercounter and can be installed flush with the cabinetry. Since some wine coolers are designed to be freestanding, they require little to no installation, making them quick and convenient.

For wine collections greater than 66 bottles but less than 300 bottles, offers many dependable storage solutions. These premium wine coolers are made to mimic a wine cellar environment. Special features include dual-zone technology, digital temperature control, LED interior lighting, insulated and/or dual-paned tinted glass doors, and patented Vinotemp wine racking.

A dual-zone wine or beverage cooler is a refrigerated appliance with multiple independent temperature zones. While most novice wine coolers prefer a single-zone wine cooler, as they develop a taste for a wider selection of wine, they may need a dual-zone. Dual-zone coolers can be used to organize wine by varietal or to keep one zone at storage and another at serving temperature.

A beverage center or beverage cooler is an appliance designed to store drinks. Like a kitchen food refrigerator, beverage fridges are insulated, sealed, and utilize a cooling system. The interior of a beverage cooler features wire racking or flat, tempered glass shelves. Other features of beverage centers include the LED interior lighting, a digital temperature control panel, glass or solid doors, and locks. Beverage coolers are ideal storage options for beer, water, sports drinks, and juice. Some beverage centers have multiple independent temperature zones, allowing you to store beverages and wine. Most wine and beverage coolers offer a similar temperature range, between 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Browse our single-zone, dual-zone, freestanding, built-in, and counter-top wine refrigerators and beverage coolers. Check out our Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide or call our experts at 1-800-777-8466 for additional assistance. offers a comprehensive selection of wine refrigeration, wine preservation, and wine storage solutions for purchase online. Find specialty wine accessories to heighten a wine's bouquet and flavor, as well as wine refrigerators and cellars to properly store your collection. stocks leading brands of thermoelectric and compressor driven-wine refrigerators, including Avanti, EdgeStar, Marvel, Summit, U-Line and Danby wine coolers. Need assistance choosing the best wine refrigerator solution for your collection? Contact our wine specialists today at 1-855-846-9766.

We turned to to help us find the best solution. They spent six weeks reviewing 151 wine coolers to find the best ones that will protect your collection and easily keep all types of wine at the right serving temperature. They consulted with experts, including sommeliers, wine cellar consultants, and wine buyers. They scoured through user reviews and articles and even personally tested them to analyze wine fridge temperatures, essential features, and design layout.

[note] This post about the best wine coolers contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide you love what they have to offer, we will be compensated.

Wine coolers are powered by either compressor or thermoelectric cooling. Compressor wine coolers use refrigerant to cool the wines; these coolers are also louder and heavier but powerful, overall. On the other hand, thermoelectric wine coolers are quieter and lighter. However, these coolers have a more difficult time getting and staying cool.

Freestanding wine coolers tend to overheat if their backs are pressed against a wall or nestled beneath a counter; this is due to their exhaust fans being located in the back. If their exhausts are blocked, they tend to overheat, which in turn affects their internal temperatures and ability to operate. Make sure to find a decent space with adequate circulation for your cooler to operate.

The best thermoelectric wine coolers are quieter, with less vibration than condenser units. They are generally smaller in size, limited by the technology. Operating on the Peltier effect that transfers heat from inside to outside the unit, there are no moving parts save for the fan. That means less mechanical wear and tear. Using no coolants or refrigerants, they are easier on the environment and weigh less than compressor units, but require more clearance to operate efficiently. Ambient air temperature can affect performance, making them unsuitable for areas with extremely hot temperatures.

For the best thermoelectric wine cooler, look to Koldfront's 24-bottle freestanding dual-zone model. With safety lock and tempered glass, Koldfront also makes an 18 and a 32 bottle version that is among the best freestanding wine coolers available. NutriChef's 12-bottle countertop thermoelectric model is a good choice for small spaces, with an efficient touchscreen that adjusts the temperature without opening the door, and an advanced cooling system to hush its operation. The New Air 32-bottle version, available in stainless steel or cool black exterior is another good option that offers storage between 46 and 66 F.

The best compressor wine coolers will chill your wine to a lower temperature than thermoelectric units, regardless of the ambient air temperature. They also operate well in smaller spaces but can handle very large refrigeration tasks with ease. Heavier and noisier than thermoelectric, they also tend to last longer but generally cost less to operate, depending on how often and how long the door opens.

Unless you are dead set on drinking only either red or white varietals, a dual-zone model makes good sense. While temperatures vary within 3-5 of the digital setting in most coolers, that can be used to advantage by placing reds furthest from the fan, where it is warmer, and placing whites closest.

Ideal wine storage temps hover around 55 to 59 F. The best dual zone wine coolers will chill anywhere from 40 to 65F, accommodating almost every oenophile's preference. Wine Enthusiast's 32-bottle dual zone freestanding cooler stacks the zones for a taller, slimmer cabinet with a door that blacks out the white wine section to eliminate UV damage. EdgeStar's 32-bottle unit puts the dual zones side by side with separate doors and features pretty LED lighting. For a small 12-bottle fridge, Haier's black beauty with curved smoked glass doors does two zones with style, making the most of its small size.

If you really want to go big, built-in is the way to go with one of the best large wine coolers on the market. The Edgestar 242-bottle built-in, side-by-side wine cellar. Digitally controlled between 41 and 65, the tinted glass doors, LED lighting, rubber bushing noise reduction, auto defrost, security lock, and wood-trimmed wire shelving give this French-door looking pair of chillers an impressive list of top features.

If you're shopping in and shipping to the Golden State, you'll need one of the wine refrigerators approved by the California Energy Commission that meet the CEC's Appliance Energy Regulations. Look no further to discover where to buy a California wine cooler. All of the NewAir models are wine fridge California style ready. 041b061a72


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