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Buying Meat Direct From The Farmer

While she was in college, Kara interned under Norm Monsen at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection business development program and subsequently had a chance to work with farmers interested in direct marketing their products. Then a couple of years ago she had the opportunity to take a job in that same department full time.

buying meat direct from the farmer

Just as some people are concerned about the distance their produce travels from farm to plate, considerations about how their meat is raised, its living conditions, and carbon footprint are paramount to many.

Charles Ritch has raised egg-laying and meat chickens, beef, lamb, pork, and turkeys for more than 30 years. The pastured, free roaming livestock is sold seasonally via reservation and processed. Buy beef by the quarter, half, or whole cow. Lamb is available halved or whole. Pork is sold by the half. Fresh whole chickens are processed monthly from April through October. Thanksgiving turkeys are available by reservation. Sign up through the website for notification of when the meat is available.

Like other Alabama family meat farmers, the Lawrences pasture-raise animals like chickens, hogs, turkey, and sheep. But Marble Creek also has one of the few federally inspected processing plants in the state, right on the 40-acre farm where the family lives. The animals are raised using rotational grazing techniques. Buy its meat, eggs and cheeses at the Pepper Place Saturday market, many Piggly Wiggly stores, via subscription, or through its extensive online store that also includes beef, bison, goat, cheese, and other meat-related goods. Shipping and delivery are available.

In New Mexico, state inspection was replaced with federal inspection in 2007. In 2013, Title 21, Chapter 33, Part 2 of NMAC, Food Safety, Meat and Poultry Inspection, was repealed; the New Mexico Livestock Board no longer maintains inspections of meat products or meat processing facilities. Thus, meat sold within New Mexico must be from FSIS-inspected facilities.

CONSIDERATIONS: Most of your customers will have limited experience purchasing meat in this manner. It is important to make sure the customer is fully aware of all the expenditures associated with carcass processing, and what to expect in terms of total cuts and pounds. A good rule of thumb is the carcass will weigh approximately 60% of the live weight (this will vary based on intestinal tract fill and amount of carcass fat and muscling). The amount of take-home product will be approximately 70% of the carcass weight (this will vary depending on amount of fat trim and boneless versus bone-in cuts). Therefore, a 1,000-pound steer should yield 420 pounds of take-home product (1,000 60% 70%). It is recommended that you show the customer the total cost per pound of product (meat plus processing) when you invoice them since this is the format they are accustomed to when buying meat.

These days, buying beef direct from the farm generally means you will get pasture raised, grass fed beef. This beef can be organic or non-organic as well as antibiotic and hormone free or not and any combination of these characteristics. Grass fed beef can be a little more expensive than grain fed beef and the health benefits of each are the subject of current debate. To fully understand the product you are buying, talk to the farmers and find out how they care for their herd. As with fresh produce, buying fresh meat from the farm is seasonal and most farmers require advance reservations for your purchase to ensure availability. Some farmers also encourage farm visits for you and your family so you can really get to know where your food comes from.

Now every farmer may do it differently, but when I sell beef to someone, they have the option of purchasing a of a cow (around 200 pounds of meat), (around 400 pounds of meat), or even a whole (800 around pounds of meat).

When you purchase meat directly from a farmer, you get to tell the butcher exactly how you want your meat cut. For example, you can get roasts, steaks, ground beef, or a little bit of everything. So instead of paying those hefty steak or roast prices at the grocery store, my customers pay one flat price per pound. If you do math, you save hundreds of dollars. Plus, buying meat in bulk cuts down your trips to the grocery store.

If you're someone who doesn't have a lot of extra freezer space but still wants to support local farmers and butcher shops, I would recommend looking up ChopLocal. ChopLocal is a recent finalist in American Farm Bureau's Ag Innovation Challenge that sells individual cuts of meat from various local farmers and butcher shops across Iowa and parts of Nebraska.

Author Jenna Smith is the Digital Marketing Intern for Iowa Farm Bureau this year. She is a senior at Iowa State University studying agricultural communications and animal science. Jenna grew up on a diversified livestock and row crop farm in Newton, Iowa. She started raising beef at a young age for 4-H and FFA projects. To this day, Jenna and her family still raise and sell beef directly from their farm. If you would like to reach out to Jenna email smithblackherefords@gmail.comThis article was originally published 12/12/2022 11:28 AM

Selling meat direct increases farm profits by cutting out the middleman and retaining a larger percent of product revenue. It achieves premium prices for fresh, natural, and locally produced products.

Selling meat direct allows farmers to speak directly to our target markets. It gives us the pleasure of providing the highest-quality and freshest meat available to people who truly appreciate our hard work.

1 Farmers markets are a collection of direct marketing farms that set-up to sell in a central location. According to the Economic Research Service, the number of farmers markets in American towns and cities has more than doubled over the last 10 years, likely due to increased demand for locally produced foods (Number of U.S. farmers markets continues to rise, Aug 2014).

Farmers markets and stands are a solution for shoppers who wish to buy meat direct, but lack freezer space to do so. Customers who do not want to buy a large share of meat can purchase a manageable amount at the farmers market or stand. Customers can handpick selections to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences.

3 Buying clubs are groups of consumers that buy large quantities of product direct from farmers, and split among members. A club can be as small as a few families that collectively purchase a whole hog, or a large group of members with a designated leader and high-tech online ordering system.

4 On-the-hoof salesare when customers make advance arrangements to buy a whole, half, or quarter animal from a farmer. When the animal reaches market weight, it is slaughtered and processed at a fully inspected facility or custom processor. The customer works out desired cuts and packaging with the processor.

5 Meat subscriptions/Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are when customers pre-buy a share of food direct from the farmer. In the world of produce CSAs, customers enjoy a regular share of farm fresh fruits and veges throughout the season. Meat subscriptions work the same way, providing a steady supply of meat over a period of time.

"Our goal is to deliver the highest quality grass fed beef & pasture raised chicken and pork directly to your doorstep shipped straight from our local Texas farm, and explaining the 1915 way of doing things along the way. Thanks for being here." - Catherine & Tanner

Direct from your farmer, your food has been grazed and raised the way nature intended. You can taste the difference in our regeneratively farmed, nutrient-dense, 100% grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised organic chicken and free-range organic eggs

BEEF FOR SALEWe are currently only charging $3.69/lb. on the hanging weight (carcass weight) for split 1/2's of beef and halves of beef. Based on approximate weights and estimates, you should budget around $685.00 for a split 1/2 of beef and around $1370.00 for a 1/2 beef. Also based on approximate weights you should expect around 120 lbs. of actual meat in your freezer for a split 1/2 and around 240 lbs. of actual meat for a 1/2 beef (depending on how you get your beef processed). This price includes purchase, harvesting, aging, cutting (see general cuts beef column), wrapping, grinding, freezing and boxing for your convenience. Time from order to pick up varies but you should budget for about 4 weeks. *deposit required

PORK SALE!!We are currently only charging $2.59/lb. on the hanging weight (carcass weight) for 1/2's of pork and whole pigs. Based on approximate weights and estimates, you should budget around $235.00 for a 1/2 pig fully processed and around $465.00 for a whole pig fully processed. Also based on approximate weights you should expect around 70 lbs. of actual meat in your freezer for a 1/2 pig and around 140 lbs. of actual meat for a whole pig (depending on how you get your pig processed). This price includes purchase, harvesting, cutting (see general cuts of pig column), smoked ham, smoked bacon, seasoned pork sausage, wrapping, grinding, freezing and boxing for your convenience. Time from order to pick up varies but you should budget for about 2 weeks. *deposit required

Discover the exquisite taste of pasture-raised beef from our Wisconsin farm, brought to you by two third-generation farmers who are passionate about their craft. After realizing that farming was in their blood, these two brothers returned to their family operation in 2010. Today, in addition to running their dairy farm, they offer steak and meat box delivery straight from their pasture to your doorstep.

There are many benefits to going to a local butcher shop that a supermarket cannot match. From additional varieties of cuts to expert advice on how to prepare your meat, the local experience cannot be topped. But one of the hidden benefits of buying your meat at local butcher shops is knowing where they get their meat from. Here are the top reasons to buy meat locally instead of from the grocery store. 041b061a72


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