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When you purchase a vehicle, a new title will be issued to you for proof of ownership. Always keep your title in a safe place. Never keep it in your vehicle.Be sure to review your title carefully for accuracy. If there are any errors, visit a Secretary of State office to correct your title.If you ever sell your vehicle, you will need the title to transfer ownership to the new buyer.Information about titles

buy sell trade auto


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We specialize in Pre-owned Vehicles in Portland, Oregon and all surrounding areas. We have served drivers in Tigard, OR and Beaverton, OR for over 6 years. Portland, OR used car buyers come to us for quality, affordable autos along with some of the best financing plans in Oregon.

If the purchaser of a motor vehicle trades in a vehicle as part of the transaction, the purchaser can deduct the value of the traded vehicle from the selling price. To be eligible, the trade-in must be taken as part of the same sales transaction and transferred directly to the seller. The tax is computed on the remaining selling price for the purchased vehicle.

The purchaser can take this deduction only by trading in a motor vehicle. Any other property, such as a boat, airplane, livestock, etc., that a seller takes in trade cannot be deducted from the selling price for motor vehicle tax purposes.

Be aware that when calculating motor vehicle tax due in a private-party transaction, where a trade-in is involved, standard presumptive value (SPV) procedures may apply to determine the taxable value of the selling vehicle but do not apply in determining the value of the trade-in vehicle.

When a purchaser trades in a motor vehicle on the purchase of two or more motor vehicles from the same seller and the trade-in motor vehicle is greater in value than any single price of a motor vehicle being purchased, the trade-in value may be split among the purchases to allow full credit for the trade-in.

The seller must show the trade-in description on each Form 130-U (PDF) and reference the forms to each other to clarify the transactions. The seller must reference the tax receipts in the same manner.

If Sally trades her $30,000 motor vehicle in a private-party transaction for a vehicle worth $20,000. Sally owes no motor vehicle tax because a trade-down has occurred. The other party has traded up and must pay motor vehicle tax on the $10,000 difference.

If a borrower/purchaser sells the motor vehicle to the lender (option three) at the conclusion of a finance agreement, the borrower/purchaser cannot use that motor vehicle as a trade-in deduction in the purchase transaction of another motor vehicle. The borrower/purchaser is not directly trading the original motor vehicle for the purchase of a new motor vehicle to the new motor vehicle seller. If the seller of the new motor vehicle purchases the original motor vehicle from the lender, a separate transaction has occurred, and that does not count towards a trade-in tax deduction.

Today the situation is even worse, with models such as Kio Rio costing as much as $17,772, which is a 51.4% ($6,035) change. Although you might be able to knock a bit off the price when working with a private seller, they will still insist on charging you a considerable premium, even for a used model.

Positive equity on an auto loan means that you owe less on the car than it is worth. So, if you have $10,000 left on your loan, but your vehicle is worth $15,000, then you have $5,000 in positive equity. If you choose to trade in your car, the positive equity can go toward your next vehicle as a down payment, reducing the amount you need to borrow.

People trade in and sell cars that have liens on them frequently. In fact, dealerships may advertise paying off your car for you when you upgrade to a new model. But selling a car you owe money on is more complex than just switching one vehicle for another.

Working with a private buyer, rather than a dealership, may help you sell your car for more. However, you will need to handle paying off your lender and transferring the title yourself. This is something the dealership usually does on your behalf, so it may be an added hassle.

Here at the Kia of Augusta Buy Center, we make it just as easy to sell a car as it is to buy one! If you're looking to upgrade from your current ride to a new Kia nearby, we encourage you to trade in and trade up at our Kia dealership in Augusta, GA. We'll pay you top dollar for your used car, so you can be sure you're getting a competitive trade-in offer when you shop with us. Simply want to sell a car for cash and move on? We'll buy from you even if you don't buy from us. And because we offer an easy Kia lease return process as well as first-time car-buyer advice, both long-time Kia fans and new drivers alike will find the help and support they need at our Georgia Kia dealership.

It's easy to sell a car and upgrade to something new at Kia of Augusta. We make the car-selling process simple and straightforward, so you can enjoy a stress-free experience when you visit our nearby Kia dealership. We can help you sell a car for cash nearby, or walk you through how to apply your vehicle trade-in value toward a new Kia K5 lease or Sorento purchase. Visit our GA Kia dealer today to get started!

Looking to trade in and trade up to a new Kia SUV, sedan or van? It's easy to trade in your used car at our Georgia Kia dealership! Value your trade online to get started, then visit us to get a vehicle inspection. We'll provide you with an official used car trade-in offer and answer any questions about the car-selling process. If you'd like to upgrade to a new Kia Forte or Telluride, our auto financing team will be happy to show you how to apply your vehicle's trade-in value toward a down payment.

Not sure what you need to know to sell a car in Augusta, GA? When you stop by the Kia of Augusta Buy Center, we'll walk you through how to sell a car and get you a competitive trade-in offer. There are a few things you'll need to sell your car -- like the title and keys -- so be sure to check in with the experts at our GA Kia dealership before you get started!

Ready to sell a car for cash nearby or upgrade to a new Kia lease? Contact Kia of Augusta to review all your car-buying and -selling options. We look forward to helping you trade in and trade up to a new Kia model you love!

By submitting your request, you consent to be contacted at the phone number you provided - which may include autodials, text messages and/or pre-recorded calls. By subscribing to receive recurring SMS offers, you consent to receive text messages sent through an automatic telephone dialing system, and message and data rates may apply. This consent is not a condition of purchase. You may opt out at any time by replying STOP to a text message, or calling (888) 576-1136 to have your telephone number removed from our system.

If you live in one of the 24 states that has an Electronic Lien and Titling (ELT) Program, you can trade in your car without a title. Dealerships can access the entire ELT system to confirm and transfer ownership. Compared to a private party sale, trade-ins through dealerships in ELT-eligible states are far more convenient. Even without a title, you could start your trade in today with a Rocket AutoSM dealership partner.

If you apply for a new title, you need to show the original bill of sale that proves your ownership as a buyer along with the bill of sale that proves it has changed ownership, with you as the seller. If you can apply for an abandoned vehicle title, the DMV will attempt to locate the last owner of record and confirm the sale.

Before signing any documents, make sure that you have contacted your original auto loan lender to inform them of your decision to trade-in. They may even offer an alternative auto loan solution for your new car at a reduced rate.

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