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Archicad Master Template Free Download

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of my template (the scenes were included in the template on February 23rd, 2015). Scenes are stored within the file and not in an external folder, so they should be there.

archicad master template free download

Hi. first of all i wanna thank you for this tamplate ive dl it yesterday and its great:D but im having a problem while rendering. im not that good in with archicad rendering tool and sun position etc. ive used the default options from the template but some of my walls/surfaces are coming out totaly black and i dont know how to set the light right ( or is there another problem? ) pls help Thx alot

Jack, you can download the template by clicking on the PayPal support button or the link at the bottom of the post, right above the social media buttons. To use the template, launch ARCHICAD, select Use a Template, then browse for where ever you saved the Shoegnome Open Template .tpl file.

Jared, I am working on my own company template, and I believe much of the work is done. BUT: As I have mentioned before (some years back), I have made title blocks for different master layouts as GDL-objects. I took your advice from back then and skipped scale as auto text in my title blocks, and now use the build in titles for the drawings (views) on the different layouts. There is only one thing missing, and that is the option to display the name of the master layout used for the different layouts. This would allow me to tell clients that the original format of the layout is A4, A3, A2 or any other format, by naming the different master layouts by the size used. Do you have any clue on how I can achieve this? I have read posts on ARCHICAD talk ( and found several posts from other people with the same desire, but no answers to how.


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